The Celtic Tree Horoscope

The Birth-Trees of the Celtic Tree Horoscope

"And the more I grow the way a tree grows,
the more depth I achieve."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

According to the Celtic tree horoscope, we can all be categorized by our personal birth-tree [determined by our date of birth]. This tree will be our lifelong friend and companion and will support us with different gifts and talents. Each of the twenty-two birth-trees contains great power that we can all access in order to discover and activate our potential. Once again, the polarity of yin and yang, male and female, active and passive is at play. Each tree species appears twice in the annual cycle, always positioned opposite itself in the tree horoscope; winter Cedar and summer Cedar people will always have the same potential within them, for example, but each will find their way to access this potential from opposite directions, from the two poles. Exceptions to this rule are the Oak, Birch, Olive, and Beech birth-trees, to which only one day in the annual cycle is assigned. These days represent significant turning points and herald the beginning of the four seasons. The spring and fall equinoxes are represented respectively by the Oak on March 21 and the Olive tree on September 23. The summer and winter solstices are represented by the Birch on June 24 and the Beech on December 22. Our birth-tree is the guardian of our individual potential; it will always remind us of that fact and help us to become aware of our gifts and talents. It is these abilities that we need to integrate into our lives, bringing about a whole new way of thinking and with it a change in our old habits and patterns of behavior, which hamper rather than foster our development process. We all feel a deep longing to find the Source of all power within ourselves; the trees are always willing to share this wisdom with us, as long as we are ready to listen carefully and to have faith.
...dedicated to the source of all life in the universe and within us...
mit LebensBaumKraft
...die Kunst aus deinem Potential zu schöpfen.